Africa Nziza Investment Advisory
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Established during the summer of 2014, OBAFRICA AM is a specialist of African stock markets. In partnership with Financière de l’Echiquier, OBAFRICA AM participates in the management of AFRICA PICKING FUND as an advisor to the Fund. OBAFRICA is also commercialising the Fund.

The Fund which is a long term investor in African companies offering attractive valuations and strong growth prospects.

OBAFRICA AM’s method is based on an in-depth knowledge of the listed companies and solid valuation work. The main theme of Africa Picking Fund is to position itself to benefit from the increase in the wealth of African populations.

  OBAFRICA AM is one of the first Moroccan companies to have obtained the « Casablanca Finance City » status.

This status is granted by the « Casablanca Finance City Authority » to financial companies that generate a significant portion of their revenues abroad and have pan-African ambitions.